Words of Support

Peter Singer

”Today, more than ever, when popularists are appealing to our baser emotions with distorted pictures of reality, we need to celebrate the ideals of science and philosophy and protect the free exchange of ideas in a calm and civil fashion. I welcome Thales Day as an occasion for remembering the importance of these ideas.”

- Peter Singer

Peter Singer is a world renowned philosopher from Princeton University, USA and University of Melbourne, Australia specializing in bioethics and practical ethics. He is credited as the intellectual founder of the modern animal rights movement, as well as being the founded of the organisation The Life You Can Save that advocates altruistic behaviour: 
John B. Goodenough:

“I applaud your endeavor to establish Thales Day on the calendar at a time when language is used more often for propaganda than as a medium for the pursuit of truth. 
   Stories, ritual, and celebrations are a way of communicating knowing and of sharing a common culture just as the sacrament of touch communicates love in a different way than words. However, Mythos is a story that bounds our knowledge and is haunted by its temptation to believe it to be objective fact; this belief enables the powerful to control and exploit a neighbor. Logos knowledge is derived from the process of dialogue with Nature, with Mythos, and with Adversary. Dialogue has no bounds; it allows continued testing and modification of belief in our quest for the discovery of truth and of reconciliation with all people.

Yours Sincerely,

John B. Goodenough” 

Nobel laureate John B. Goodenough is a solid state physicist and chemical engineer from the University of Texas, USA. He is the father of the lithium-ion battery technology found everywhere in portable electronic devices and electric vehicles. Goodenough also helped lay the groundwork for the development of the random-access memory (RAM) for the digital computer.